21 years of Prophetic Ministry and needing a miracle

eagle in flight Hi there,

The years in the ministry have really flown, and we have come such a long way!

We want to thank those whose who stood with us as a family in the prophetic ministry.

I was called by God to be a prophet to the nations at the age of 9 years old.

God has really blessed us with an awesome ministry. From prophesying to leaders and heads of States to Countries to the poorest of poor we have seen miracles all the way.

Our vision is to train and equip in the prophetic, through teaching imparting and delivering the word of God.

As a result of this, 1000’s of people have blessed through the prophetic word of God.

Last year we had many of our financial supporters stop their support due to economic and social reasons. We want to thank those who faithfully stood with us through the touch times even when they themselves have gone through some difficult challenges.

So, we are going to pray now, and I ask you to pray this prayer with us.

“Father God we exalt You, we bless Your Holy Name. We thank You for those who faithfully stood with us even while there was a financial recession. Thank You Lord God. Lord we pray now that You will come and bless those who have supported our ministry. Cause their finances to grow, increase and multiply. Bless the works their hands and release creativity to generate wealth. Father God I ask You to come and release our supporters who are in debt and give to them a strong asset base from which they can bless. I ask You Lord god to go in front of us and give to us supporters and help us so that our full budget will be met. Come Lord God and bless our supporters this day, so that their budget may be met as well. Amen”

We believe that 2011 is going to be a year of blessing and increase. We have invitation to minister and prophecy in Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Zambia, US and around South Africa and this is to happen before August. We need your help, and would like you to participate in the harvest and the blessing.

If you have received personal ministry and prophetic words through us, please will you support our ministry. At present we have only 32% our monthly budget met. We desperately need to increase our budget. Ask God what you must do. Your support of R.50.00, R100.00 or even R.200.00 per month will greatly appreciated and help us meet target.

We would greatly appreciate your response and support so that we can get on do what God has called us to do.

Please use one of the 3 options for your monthly support to Prophetic Equipping Ministry

1. Please right click on the link – select open link and follow the PayPal instructions for support:


2. To give through EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer),

Standard Bank
Hillcrest Branch
Branch Code – 045726
Account No. – 2566 734 11
Acc. Name – PEM

3. To give your support through Debit Order please full out the attached document and return it to us.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark & Caron Visser

Yours in Christ

Mark and Caron Visser


Hillcrest, 3610, KZN, RSA Tel/Fax: 031 7655432 Cell: 073 3362240

markv@pem.org.za www.pem.org.za Skype: pem.org.za http://propheticequippingministries.blogspot.com/

Training and Equipping in the prophetic, through teaching, imparting and delivering the word of the Lord.

Blessings my COOL friends may the Lord always guide, protect and provide for your needs.

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Gavin B Ferrier

COOL Cyber Church – COOL Ministries International

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We need your support, all blessing are welcome.

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