Psalm 139: 2 “…Lord, You know when I sit and when I rise…”


Dear reader, the fact that God is aware of our every move never stops to amaze me…Like a loving father keeping an ever-watchful eye on his children, so is our God – Hiseyes ever on us… To many, the idea of God being omni-present is something that they arenot quite comfortable with.

Their reason? Well, they are ashamed of their sins and very much aware of their shortcomings…

Friend, God does not keep an eye on you to scold or judge you. He keeps an eye onyou because He loves you dearly. You are loved, my friend. You are loved by theCreator of the universe! Whether you have accepted the invitation to enter into arestored relationship with Him through Jesus Christ or not – God loves you. The decision to accept His love and make Him Lord of your life is one that you will have to make at somepoint or another in order to secure your eternal destination.

But, despite that, the fact remains that God loves you and longs for you to walkin a restored relationship with Him. God is calling out to you with this verse thismorning, my friend. He is saying to you: “I see you. No one else knows, but Iknow. I love you. Come unto Me. Give me your heart. I will heal it. I will restoreit. I will give you a new purpose and destiny. I will fill you to overflowing. Comeunto Me – Jesus.” God extends the invitation, my friend! All you have to do isaccept!



Lord Jesus Christ, we turn towards the knowledge of Your love revealed to usthis morning. We realize that You are calling us, We know that we need You -we need a Saviour! Come and take the throne of our hearts, Lord Jesus. Weneed the love that only You can give. We surrender ourselves to You and toYour love! Amen


Bless you Petro Mcleod for sharing this message with us, may the LORD continue to guide you each day.

COOL with us.

GOD Bless

Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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