This is my story

This is my story;

Since the beginning of my life – Since I can remember – I chose Jesus and I have been under He’s protection ever since. I heard my other older family members tell me that there was some things that I don’t know about my family history. All I can say is that there was a lot of black magic and Satanism that happened in their Lives. Even through all the evil things that happened in my life.

People will ask me how can you be so happy and have not a single hair of regret on my body. I can tell them of the Love running through me and that I cant seem to remember bad things. All the things in my Life happens with a purpose and I have prayed for everything (If I want something and the Lord just don’t answer – I will wait until He tells me Yes or No). This is why I don’t ask questions because I know that this is where Jesus wants me and that this is where I have to wait and be able to work for Him. I am a normal human being and also get my on & off days but I keep myself involved in the Lord Jesus & I know He will never ever leave me.

If someone tells me that they don’t believe in Jesus I feel frightened and start telling them in detail about all the things the Devil have given me a big fright with. If Jesus wasn’t there for me I know that I would have been a child of the Devil & ALSO A BIG ONE. I think he hates the idea of me being a child of the Almighty Lord. People should not worry – all that’s happening in the world is part of the plan and this is what Jesus wants us to do: HE WANTS US TO WORSHIP HIM ALL THE TIME, Singing; dancing; reading the bible and praying. We have to love Him to be strong and willing to fight for Him. The Holy Spirit will come over us when we worship Him as He has asked us to.

Be Blessed
Hannetjie Campher

We thank Hannetjie for sharing her story with us and trust that you have been blessed by her sharing with you.

“Lord we pray foe your guidance and blessings daily over our dear sister Hannetjie. Lord be with her always and protect her from evil in Jesus name we ask this.” Amen

What’s your story? Share it with us so your message is not lost, but shared for the glory of God who we serve.


GOD Bless

Gavin Ferrier

ONE Purpose Ministry

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