We praise GOD for the birth of our first grandchild “Ethan Dall” today 30th March 2009 at 14h10, and we ask for your prayers, as he was born prematurely and currently in ICU.

Our daughter Marcia and son in-law Bryan Dall are blessed by his birth and wait for his homecoming. We trust that during these next (eight) weeks GOD, will heal and strengthen “Ethan”, so that Marcia & Bryan can take him home sooner than the doctors predict.

“Lord we give you all the praise and glory, and just ask that you protect and heal Ethan, so that he can join us soon. Please comfort Marcia & Bryan during this period, as they wait for Ethan to be released from hospital, and can bring him home. In Jesus name we pray.” Amen

Reading: Psalm 89 (HERE)

Ethan Dall – Born at Weight – 1.4 kg – Height – 37cm

Photo Album (HERE)

Praise God for this little miracle.

Bless you all for your prayers as GOD is answering us.

Praise GOD as Ethan is doing very well and getting stronger by the day. Please continue to pray as we trust in GOD that Ethan, will join mommy Marcia and daddy Bryan at home sooner than the doctors predict.

“Lord we thank you for answering our prayers, and know that through You all things are possible. Lord we thank you for Ethan, and the healing that is taking place every second. Lord comfort Marcia & Bryan as the wait, for His home coming. In Jesus name we pray.” Amen.

ETHAN update.

Saturday 4th April 2009, Ethan has been in ICU 5 days now and getting stronger daily. Marcia has been discharged from hospital, and had to leave Ethan in ICU. Ethan is breathing better now and been feed via feeding tube. We ask for your prayers that Ethan will be out of ICU soon, and be discharged from hospital and join Marcia and Bryan.

Monday 6th April 2009 14h30 Ethan is ONE week old today, and doing very well praise God, and thank you all for your prayers. His weight has stablilised and regained 100grams of the 200 lost shortly after birth.

Friday 10th April 2009 Ethan has had a hard few days, but with God’s help has overcome the battles, and regained another 50 grams so only 50 grams to regain his birth weight. We continue in prayer that God, will heal Ethan totally and he will be home soon with his parents Marcia and Bryan.

Monday 20th April 2009 Ethan is doing well praise GOD. He is still on oxygen, but the doctors are slowly bringing the pressure down. He is on 26ml per feed and growing quickly. Ethan’s weight on Friday 17th was 1.76kgs so is 360grams over birth weight of 1.4kgs and gaining about 20grams per day praise GOD.

Friday 8th May 2009 Praise GOD as Ethan is doing very well. He is now off oxygen, and breathing on his own. Marcia is feeding him daily, so the mother son bond is developing daily and he is now over 2kgs. We trust that he will be released to go home within next two weeks.

Friday 15th May 2009 Praise God as Ethan is now 2.4 KG`s and going strong. He is recovering from a eye infection which he seemed to get after his eye test. He is off all his monitors except for the apnea mat and has been in a crib since last week.He is up to 60 ml per feed and every second feed is a bottle feed. Once he is doing all his feeds by bottle and still gaining wait he will be able to come home. Regards Marcia & Bryan

FRIDAY 22nd May 2009 Praise God as Ethan is now home with Marcia & Bryan. We thank you all for your prayers and give GOD all the Glory.

Monday 1st June 2009 – Praise God for this little miracle, Ethan is now nine weeks and weighing 3.2kgs. Ethan is strong and growing daily praise God. It was a real blessing for Cheryl (Granny) and I(Grandpa Gavin) to spend these few days with Ethan, Marcia and Bryan at their home in Pretoria. We took lots of photos and please check out Ethan album. We ask that you continue in prayer as we know it’s only by prayer and God’s blessing that Ethan will grow daily for His glory, and trust that God will use his testimony to change and save others.

Monday 6th July 2009 – Praise God for this little miracle, Ethan is now fourteen weeks and weighing over 4.6kgs. Ethan is going on his first holiday this week when her visits his grand parents and family in Durban. We are looking forward to the time we will have together when Ethan, Marcia & Bryan spend a few days with us. We just pray for protect over Ethan as he changes from one climate to another while being down at the coast. We thank you all for your prayers, and give GOD all the Glory for Ethan.

Sunday 16th August 2009 – Praise GOD as Ethan is doing so well he is weighing over 6.5kgs and growing daily. We give thanks to all for your prayers. We believe that GOD is the healer of all and Ethan is in his mighty hands.

ETHAN of Joy

Sunday 4th October 2009 – Praise GOD foe the joy of Ethan. Ethan has grown so fast in the last few months and its only be God’s grace and glory that Ethan was given that chance to be with us today. Its my (Grand Dad – Gavin) first birthday with Ethan and my family and I can assure you the JOY a child brings into a home is priceless. I thank GOD, and all of you for this day, and know that your prayers for EthanĀ  made this day and many more days, months & years ahead possible.

We have been on an incredible journey during this first year with Ethan who has grown from strength to strength by the grace of GOD. Ethan is now living near all of us in Durban, and we all get to spend quality time with him.

Today is the 30th March 2010 and Ethan is “ONE” today.

We give all the glory to GOD for what He has done for Ethan, and know that Ethan has a chosen path glorified by GOD. We thank you all for your prayers and support.

We continue in prayer that God, will continue to heal and develop Ethan for His purpose and glory, giving his parents Marcia and Bryan the wisdom and support needed to care for Ethan.


Gavin & Cheryl Ferrier (Grandparents)

ONE Purpose Ministry

We need your support, all blessing are welcome.